Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans – Debt Reduction Without Using Collateral

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans – Debt Reduction Without Using Collateral

Eliminating debt is not an easy task. For this reason, many people carry high credit card balances for several years. Homeowners may take advantage of home equity loans or refinancing to reduce debts. In addition, persons with a vehicle title or collateral may obtain a secured personal loan to payoff debts. However, there are also options for eliminating debts that do not require collateral.

What are Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans?

In a nutshell, unsecured debt consolidation loans are personal loan that do not entail collateral. Prior to a lending institution such as a bank or credit union approving a loan request, the applicant must submit some sort of collateral. Typical collateral includes a vehicle title. Hence, if the loan is not paid, the lender may claim the applicant’s property.

Because unsecured debt consolidation loans are not protected, they are harder to qualify for. Each lender has a different criterion. However, most lenders require good credit and a sizeable income.

If you are hoping to become debt free, a debt consolidation loan is the answer. Although unsecured loans carry a higher interest rate, the rate is considerably lower when compared to credit card rates. Moreover, debt consolidation loans have fixed terms.

Other Debt Consolidation Options without Collateral

Again, qualifying for an unsecured debt consolidation loan is tricky. Some lenders do not offer these types of loans. Furthermore, the lenders that do offer unsecured debt consolidation loans have strict lending requirements. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get approved for an unsecured loan with poor credit. In this case, you may have to explore other alternatives.

If a home equity loan or refinancing is not an option, you may consider transferring your high interest balances to a low rate credit card. This will lower monthly payments and make is possible to reduce debts.

Another option involves consolidating debts through a credit counseling or debt management agency. These agencies negotiate lower interest rates, and consolidate debts without collateral or credit checks.

If using such an agency, you will be placed on a payment plan. Because debts are consolidated, a single payment is submitted to the debt management agency each month. These companies are very effective, and can help you become debt free in five to ten years.


What is the Federal Debt Relief System?

The Federal Debt Relief System is a unique company because of their determination to educate debtors in the United States of America. The company works to alleviate the debt of many individuals around the U.S., not just by helping with the actual debt of the individual but by also bringing education to the individuals about debt and debt relief. When a person signs up for the program, they will get an educational newsletter and video that can be utilized in order to help the individual understand more about the program and their situation.

The company itself offers free consultations to individuals who are interested in their services. However, the program is not for everyone since it is an education program as well as a debt relief service. Some individuals that will benefit the most from such a program include people who owe more than ten thousand dollars in debt. If you choose to sign up with the company, you will not have to enroll all of your credit cards in the program. You have the choice of which credit cards will and will not be included in your program. Debt that works within the program can include credit cards, especially major credit cards, unsecured personal loans and other lines of credit cards. Secured debt is not covered in the Federal Debt Relief System program. Medical bills, child support, business debt, utilities and student loans are also not always covered in the program. Accounts will be closed during and after the program takes place so that individuals cannot get in any more debt while they are going through the educational process. The program works well with thousands of creditors across the country.

If you have debt that is in collection, but you have not made any payments on these collection debts, you can include that debt in your Federal Debt Relief System program. If you have made a payment toward that collection based debt, the Federal Debt Relief System cannot help you with that debt because your payment signifies your belief in the validity of the debt that you are being charged. The program will not work for debt that is already in consolidation. The processes that are accomplished by the Federal Debt Relief System can be performed by individuals, but only if they are lawyers.

For tax consequences, it is important for individuals to get the proper information about how the program will affect them from a tax standpoint from tax professionals. This is because the program does not give out this type of financial advice and sticks to the areas of education that they are best suited for. Legally, it is not possible for the company to guarantee their work. No lawyer can guarantee their work one hundred percent because the legal system is not always clearly able to be forecasted. However, it is important to note that the program has a one hundred percent success rate to date and the program continues to be improved upon regularly. The program’s associates are working on a continuous basis to ensure that their consumers are happy and the debt is taken care of in a legal and educational manner.

Station Branding, Commercial Scoring and Custom Scoring are Important to

Station Branding, Commercial Scoring and Custom Scoring are Important to be Successful There are many radio stations today and thus it is important for each station to be better than the other. The stiff competition in this field has made it imperative for all radio stations to take adequate measures in order to ensure that … Continue reading Station Branding, Commercial Scoring and Custom Scoring are Important to

Station Branding, Commercial Scoring and Custom Scoring are Important to be Successful

There are many radio stations today and thus it is important for each station to be better than the other. The stiff competition in this field has made it imperative for all radio stations to take adequate measures in order to ensure that the channel stays ahead of the others. Station branding is very important as this helps the channel to have a unique image with the listeners and their interest remains alive in the minds of the consumers and they prefer the channel over the others.

There are many things which a radio channel has to do to attract the listeners and for this they need to have a great team of writers, producers and voice over talents. There are sales messages all over today and this tends to irritate people and they avoid all of them. With proper station branding a radio channel can ensure that they can capture the interest of the listeners.

A radio channel has to make many efforts in order to ensure that they are popular. Commercial scoring and custom scoring are some of the ways in which a radio channel can know their standing in the competitive market and then accordingly take measures to improve the station branding.

One can use custom scoring and commercial scoring and accordingly strategize the marketing planning which will make the channel stand out from the rest in the market. A station should be creative and proactive and that is when they will be able to get the attention of the listeners and do well. Professional voice over talent and a great script can make the image of the radio station unique and original.

A new image can be instant hit in the market and with the listeners, but one should never make the mistake to use the same imaging again and again. Listeners can very soon get bored of the content of a channel and thus, one needs to keep changing and using a new concept so that the listeners remain interested and continue to hear the channel. When the customers know something new will keep coming up, they look forward to listening to the channel again and again.

The voice talent of a radio station is very important and an essential part of station branding and thus, one needs be very careful of the voice talent they use so that the public likes it.

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3 Essential Boundaries for Mom Entrepreneurs and Their Husbands

In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a breeze when my husband, Terry, joined me working full-time in my business. If anyone could do it, we could! We already had a healthy relationship built on trust and respect. We communicated well. We both strongly believed in what we were doing. We understood the need to help each other with the children, keeping the house, and with the business. We planned to allow for fluctuations in income to keep stresses over money to a minimum. Yet I still wasnt prepared.

For anyone considering working with your spouse, here are 3 Essential Boundaries for Entrepreneurial Couples to help to ease your transition:

1. Clarify expectations for work/home.
Nothing can prepare you for the blurring of boundaries and turf that occur as you transition into working together. When you join together with your spouse, most likely, both of you have experienced success throughout your careers, and have developed your own working style. Suddenly you have a whole new dynamic in your relationship with your spouse you must learn to work through. I always knew that we had different gifts and talents: Terry is very techie and he loves to write, and I am a people person who is an administrative whiz. Even though I should have probably seen it coming, I was still surprised at the difference in our work styles. I multi-task all day long, and he prefers to work on one project at a time. Just like being newlyweds all over again, we had to put some effort into getting to know each other on a whole new level to be able to work well together.

Beth Butler, creator of the Boca Beth Program has some helpful tips for clarifying expectations with your spouse. I make us lunch each day and we try to talk about BOCA BETH items that are pressing. It’s our time to reconnect – he works from home for the wine company he represents and I work from home sharing my passion for second language learning with young children. A funny mix, but it works! We talk about what each of us has planned the next day so there are no surprises – and I use that time to ask for his help. I can’t expect him to guess what I need so I have learned to be very specific.

2. Schedule time for love.
Most entrepreneurial couples complain they have less time together than before. It is possible to work beside your spouse in the same office all day long and barely speak on a personal level. How difficult is it to turn off your cell phone and talk a walk with your love? It is imperative to make it a point to schedule time for your relationship so that the business does not overtake it. Terry and I plan ahead to sneak away for lunch or to take a break at Starbucks. We have found if we dont take the time to schedule in these lunch or coffee dates, then they are less likely to happen as we work to meet deadlines or get a project done. We havent yet been able to master scheduling regular dates, but its next on our list of priorities in order to help keep our close relationship.

3. Schedule time for yourself.
It can be a shock when you suddenly have so much time with your spouse. In your previous life, they left at 7 AM and came home at 6 PM, and then you discussed your day during dinner. Now you spend most (if not all) of the day with them, and during dinner, there is nothing new to discuss. Where is the time for you? Karyn Fagan, Founder of Team Women, tells We both have hobbies that we love outside of the house so we have that important away time.

Terry and I certainly have a long way to go as an Entrepreneurial Couple, but we have made it through our entrepreneurial honeymoon period. Each day, we work together to reach our goals and dreams. We understand when we help each other we will reach our dreams sooner, so we help each wherever its needed!